Systems and Network


Looking for a single source computer solutions company able to provide turnkey hardware, software, networking, installation, training, service and support to the Health Care Provider and Medical Billing Service industry? You just found it.
The benefit of one source supplying all your computer needs is not only the convenience of one phone call, but it also eliminates the finger pointing. It can be both time consuming and expensive to coordinate with multiple vendors to meet all your computer systems needs. It can also be difficult to get a vendor to help you without one or all of them wanting to bill for their time to diagnose what they may perceive as the other vendors responsibility. If there is a hardware or software issue we simply solve it. No bickering between the software and hardware suppliers of who is responsible for diagnosing and correcting your problem.

Servers, Workstations, Laptops and Tablet PCs

  • We offer only real business computer solutions (not home computers) from name brand manufacturers like DELL, IBM and Toshiba.
  • Our business grade products equiped with Microsoft Server and Vista Business operating systems are designed for business networks (not the Home systems you get at your local retailer – there is a reason they call it Home). So, that great deal you thought you got on your last computer purchase may not be so good when it does not meet your application or networking requirements.
  • We specialize in providing small form factor computers requiring minimal desktop space which is a premium in most offices. Also, for our budget minded clients we offer lease/rental programs including complete onsite replacement warranty with updated Antivirus.
  • We continue to add an extensive array of name-brand computer hardware and software products, and services. Whether your needs call for dozens of locations with multiple Providers that communicate via a wide area network or a single office Practitioner just starting out, we’ve got you covered.
  • Fax Servers include our Linux Fax Servers configured specifically for your SuiteMed software products

Our List of Solutions Include:

  • MicroSoft Software Products
  • SuiteMed, SuiteRIS, SuiteIPA Software
  • Dell Servers, Workstations and Laptops
  • Toshiba Laptops and Tablet PCs
  • IBM Workstations and Laptops
  • Ricoh and HP Printers
  • Fujitsu Scanner
  • Label Printers
  • SayIt Speech Recognition
  • Local and Wide Area Networking Expertise
  • Terminal Services Setup

Medical Transcription

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solution truly delivers on the promise of speech recognition with up to 99% accuracy!
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Solution works with our SuiteMed software products.
  • Not only can Dragon be used for medical transcription dictation, but users can browse the web by speech, open email or dictation into their email program. Dragon works with most Microsoft programs allowing users to dictate letters into Microsoft Word and more.
  • We also provide SayIt which is a Cloud Based Speech Recognition which delivers the same accuracy as Dragon on a more mobile platform.

Printer and Image Scanning Needs

  • The smart choice for offices seeking workgroup-level color printing capabilities at a desktop price.
  • Our Ricoh printers are network-ready full-color/monochrome laser printer designed to meet the needs of budget-conscious small offices and workgroups seeking fast, affordable color.
  • Our HP printers are network-ready, monochrome, reliable and FAST. These printers are true work-horses.
  • Our Smart Label Printer solutions print Patient and Mailing Labels quickly and easily. Eliminate the hassle and waste of printing 1 single label to a large label sheet. Print that one label you need, up to shipping label size. Automatically capture patient address information for mailing labels from our SuiteMed software products. The Smart Label Printer is a valuable, handy tool for all offices and can be used as standalone or networked label printer.
  • Achieve the goal of the Paperless Office. Scan documents like insurance cards, drivers licenses and letter sized documents.
  • Fujitsu’s award winning scanners feature affordable color scanners, fast high volume scanners and duplex capabilities.
  • Fujitsu workgroup scanners are designed for superior paper handling with advanced scanning features and ease of integration.